Monday, April 12, 2010

On the outside looking in

Today I was busy busy busy. I did dishes, folded and put away laundry, did a quick tidy of the bathroom and started a new loaf of bread. I had plans for chicken soup for dinner and I tackled the Peanut's closet. Two years ago in an effort to organize our closet we got one of those adjustable closet organizer things. We used it in our own closet for six months and when we moved here the Peanut's closet got it. After one year of having the set up one way I decided to change things up a bit, make some of her clothes a little more accessible to her and of course tidy up in there.

The closet was a big job, mainly because the Peanut was in the thick of it grabbing the baby toys and other toys that we've been storing in there and wanting to know what I was doing and why each step of the way.

The plan was to get the closet done, start the bread rising and head outside for some fun in the backyard. By the time everything was put back together and put away it was close to 3. I decided that in order to get out I'd take the vegetable for the soup outside and chop them there so the Peanut could get a little dirty. The peanut had her shoes on , her sweater and we were ready to head out, I had the veg, cleaned, a cutting board, the peeler and my chopping knife I put on my shoes and the Peanut followed me out the door. Closing it behind her. After she had turned the lock while waiting for me. We were locked out of the house.

With no distractions (once the veg was all chopped and waiting to be dumped in the pot) the Peanut let me help her make sand towers, we played soccer, catch and fetch where the Peanut pretends to be a dog, runs after the ball, tells me to say fetch when I toss it, tells me to tell her to sit, to roll over and pat her on the head and then toss the ball again. We played I spy and went for a walk to the end of our block and met the Husband when he got off the bus.

With losing the house keys last year about this time, forgetting that my keys were in the possession of my cousin's husband while they were staying with us during the Olympics and the Husband was off with the Dad's watching Hockey with his keys, and today's locked door episode; I mentioned to the husband that I was thinking of getting an emergency set of keys cut so that we won't be caught in a less than ideal locked door situation. And that's when he looked me in the eye and said "You seem to find yourself on the outside looking in an awful lot don't you" and chuckled to himself as he followed the Peanut into her room to play the Martha the dog has a really bad cold for a few more days game while I got dinner ready.

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jaz@octoberfarm said...

i was soooo into growing everything from seed last year but my garden was awful. i did not manage to start one thing from seed this year. so, i will have to buy things that others have started. at least i will buy them from local nurseries. i am just not sire what happened so i will have to get through this growing season to figure it out. i hope you have better luck than i!!!

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