Monday, April 26, 2010

There is a soundtrack

So I've seen a few blog posts around here and there and even back that way which talk about all the things that kids these days (that makes me sound like an old curmudgeonly cranky granny lady doesn't it?) don't get, appreciate or will never get to experience.

While there are a few points here and there and back that way that I can totally agree upon, the anticipation of going to the record store to buy a new album or camping out in a mall parking lot to get tickets to a favourite band's live show for instance, or having the cute boy who works at the record store/ticket outlet get you killer seats for your first live show because he has a crush on you too.... these are things that I have done and remember fondly and also things that the Peanut will never get to experience for better or worse...

One thing that I've been thinking about lately is how we now have the power to choose the soundtrack that plays in the background of our day to day lives. The rhythm of our steps when we walk is timed to the beat of the playlists sounding in our earbuds. Of course because if the Peanut listening to music wherever and whenever is tricky, I don't want to miss out on her thoughts and observations or even her requests (because when she asks for a hug, that's a drop everything kind of request) I sometimes make do with one ear bud in and the other ear free. I get the best of both worlds here; music that suits my day, mood or activities and a free ear to take in the sound of traffic, the birds and the Peanut.

So my life has a soundtrack wherever I go, and it's poignant and moving and sing a longable and makes the time go smoother. Right now my soundtrack is stuck on a combination of Nada Surf, Greg Laswell and (as always) Depeche Mode. What song is playing in the montage of your life?

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