Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Going green

You know how it is when you're feeling overwhelmed, devoid of creative spark and in need of something new to think about, to get you excited and in the frame of mind to keep going, try something new or put a twist on what you've been doing to make it that much better? I have a great reading list of blogs that I follow where I can get inspiration and find new ideas to put me in that place. I also am lucky enough to be in a place that offers up some great inspiration whether it's my neighborhood, the Metro Vancouver Area or in my living room where the seeds we planted last month have sprouted and are now adding a degree of life to our living room I never realized we needed until the thought of taking them out to the garden to plant them.

I know that it's one of those cliches that growing a plant from a seed is a bit like a miracle. In fact it's one of those things that I have a habit of overlooking because of the cliche in a kind of yeah yeah yeah, miracle of life blah blah blah kind of way. But really, since we brought home the tomato seedlings we were given earlier this year, and we planted our own seeds; I have to say that I'm enthralled, I stop every time I go by the table they are sitting on to look and see how they are, to marvel at how tall the sprouts are to gasp at how big the pumpkin leaves seem to have grown each time I look at them. It's my next best thing to being pregnant again; something that gets less and less likely with each passing month. And another great side effect is that I'm feeling more and more in tune with the earth which is such a good thing.

So the seedlings will be headed out doors soon and I'm going to be missing the living green. Obviously we are going to have to remedy this situation. Did I mention that I have a lot of great blogs in my reading list that are a fantastic resource for me? Of course some of the ideas are less achievable than others; the living wall for instance. Oh how I would love, adore and am coveting a living wall after reading this post.
With my Student Loan interest relief coming to it's end this month little extras like a wally pocket are out of my price range but I'm thinking I might start small with a spider plant. Since I've had luck with them in the past, but wouldn't it be lovely to have a wall of living green to add inside your home?


Balthasar Craft said...

The living walls do look fabulous! I always thought optimally a building could be ... grown, or something, and that one would symbiotically coexist with the organisms forming one's home. it's pretty hard to beat nature for awesome architecture. so instead, being as I cannot do that, I accumulate rocks and shells and bones and dry leaves and coagulated sand (it forms solid blocks) and put that everywhere.

I did once have the lovely experience of watching as little plants sprouted from the carpet in our living room in another home--the night before I had had a strange dream of flowers blooming from the carpet, and on entering the living room the next morning, I was stunned to find little green shoots emerging from the textile. The carpet was damaged and we cut out that bit and took it with us when we left--it sprouted again for a while later. We've still got it somewhere!


TMCPhoto said...

Kyla that is so awesome, how magical would it be to have grass and flowers in your living room?

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