Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thousand Words Thursday

They say a picture is worth them:

the most relaxing thing about last weekend

Come back tomorrow for this weeks 5 Questions featured artist.


Mrs Knickertwist! said...

I miss my laundry line. I went out to hang once this summer and the line broke sending my whites into the vegetable patch. Our new house has posts but no lines. The posts are currently being used by my son who has a rope tied to one and uses it to swing like Tarzan.

TMCPhoto said...

this is our very first line. I love the process of hanging everything up in the sun (or overcast as the case may be) and bringing it back in dry and fresh smelling.

Swinging like Tarzan sounds like fun too :)

April Ink said...

that was my job as a teenager, hanging the clothes on the line. i remember hanging them well into the fall and my fingers just freezing from the cold, wet clothes. some things you never forget!

Faith said...

I really need to put a clothesline up. What a lovely photo!

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