Monday, September 14, 2009

A little bit more about how I want to progress

On Friday I posted about how I see my Friday Features going, partially to set the stage for this weeks feature, to build up the anticipation so to speak. Also to give myself a little direction, something to refer to from time to time to keep things on track.

This post is something similar for my Monday Blog Share posts. I'm bringing those posts back too, starting today.

I seem to have an ever expanding list of blogs I like to drop in to on a regular basis. Some I pick up from the Etsy forums while I'm promoting my own features, others I stumble on as I read other people's blog comments. Still others are added as I feature an Etsy shop and add the link to a blog to the body the feature.

I follow because I've found something funny, something beautiful, something thought provoking, something that inspires me, something that makes me feel like a part of a community, something that makes me green with envy (because I just wish I had though of that first, or had done mine that way or that I was half as cool as that person is)... The reasons I follow blogs are many. The reasons I want to share these blogs are perhaps not so vast, I just want to share some of the good stuff I've been getting in my blog reader.

In the past my Monday Blog Sharing posts listed up to 3 blogs to check out. Thinking about it, 3 is too many. When I ask myself if I would check out all three blogs as a reader the answer is "no" so I'm scaling back. One blog recommendation per blog share post.

So the return of my Blog Share posts on Monday starts now; with Where Eagles Dare, a lush edgy blog with their own Friday Feature Q&A that falls under the green with envy heading. I love love love the questions asked in the features. They are the questions I love reading the answers to. Also Kate and her husband Johnny5; the voices behind Where Eagles Dare are such rock stars in her own right; they run Where Eagles Dare on Etsy which is full of tattoo inspired paintings and other magnificence. Right now their shop is in Vacation Mode (so you will have to wait to see what I'm talking about) but their blog is alive and kicking so go and check it out.

In addition to Where Eagles Dare Kate also has a second blog called Dear Johnny5, a collection of letter to her husband that really are an intimate portrait of their relationship and also make me wish that my husband had a little of Johnny5's flair for romance... not that I'm complaining.

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Mrs Knickertwist! said...

I think that it's so lovely that you devote so much time promoting the things that you fancy. I'm terrible for finding something awesome and keeping it to myself.

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