Monday, August 17, 2009

How my weekend went

and how I wanted it to go were two different things. This weekend was the Birthday Bonanza weekend. My birthday and two parties all on Sunday

The plan for our weekend was this:

Saturday during the day we had earmarked for getting our place ready for the BBQ garden party the husband had planned to celebrate my birthday. Late afternoon was for the party and evening was for more celebration preferably with a jam session and cake.

Sunday; my actual birthday was a double birthday party day. The Peanut and I had planned to hit the morning party by bus, making it home in time to rendezvous with Daddy who would have picked up our Co-op car and installed the car seat, ready to head out to the afternoon party which was held in the opposite direction and requires a two hour bus ride and a five block up the side of a mountain hike to get to. We would have been home a little after bath time and the rest of the evening would have been spent eating left over BBQ and cake.

What really happened was this:

Thursday night, while sitting up and working on some handmade holiday cards for PeanutButterPie, I noticed that things in my head were a little bit like I'd had too much to drink. It was kind of like when you're at that giddy stage of drinking and the room stands still a little bit when you turn your head and then catches up with you a little too quickly. Worried but not thinking too much about it, I decided to go to bed, hoping that a good night's sleep would nip any problems in the bud.

Friday I woke up with a mild case of vertigo. When I say mild I mean that the room was spinning while I was laying still; but I was able to get up, cook a grilled cheese sandwich for the Peanut. Get us dressed and out the door to the medical clinic, after popping a few children's' Gravol. Bed time for me was the same as the Peanut's, again with the hopes that the vertigo would clear out, or at least be as easy to deal with as Friday had been.

Saturday brought Friday morning like symptoms x 500. Nausea in a dump truck and the inability for me to even hold my head up without taking a virtual roller coaster ride. The husband went out to fill my prescription and I stayed in bed, getting up only to use the bathroom and cursing my bladder and inner ear each time I lurched the few feet from bed to bathroom, clutching the furniture and walls frantically with each step.

Fortunately my popularity was highly over estimated and the guest list for the BBQ party was considerably shorter than the 20 plus (with kids and significant others) who RSVP'd their regrets. Instead of a bursting backyard and not enough food, we had the members from Husband's other band playing an acoustic set with guitar hand drum and shakers featuring Psycho Killer in the backyard to me and the Peanut. About dinner time the meds kicked in enough for me to be able to get out of bed and enjoy a light meal and the music.

So why did we go ahead with the shindig? I'm obstinate? That, and husband was having conniptions over cancelling. Trying to keep a cool head when opening your eyes to blender vision is exhausting. I just told him to suck it up and go ahead with it. I'd get up if I could and if not, no one who was coming would really be bothered, they'd play music, eat food and enjoy themselves, what I would have wanted any way.

Sunday saw me waking up with minimal spins. Husband presented me with my birthday gift at breakfast.

Initially the plan was for husband, my Mom, Mom-in-law and Grandma to send me to Seattle last week to see the Sounds Of The Universe Tour. With car problems (read: we don't own one anymore and I'm not legally part of the car Co-op yet) and family health problems and other emergencies that plan went out the window about a month ago. Instead I was presented with the SOTU deluxe box set. Something I've lusted after but wouldn't have gone out to get myself.

We skipped the morning party, a bus ride at 8:30 AM was out of the question even with a somewhat steady head. I sent husband and Peanut out by themselves the the afternoon party. They returned for dinner with the Peanut painted like a ladybug and sang me Happy Birthday at bedtime.

Not the weekend I had planned. Not a weekend I'd do over again up to the second. Not too shabby all things considered. Here's to next year, no more vertigo and a great year ahead.


Anonymous said...

Hello Tami, Thank you for featured my zine!
I added your blog to my link. Thanks!

Funnyface said...

wow..sounds like a crazy weekend...sorry for the vertigo...hopefully you will have a wonderful year

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