Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Enter the Sucky Fairy

After a month of talking about it, explaining and answering questions, on Saturday night we invited the elusive Sucky Fairy to come to our home to help the Peanut transition out of Baby/Toddlerhood into childhood. Here's what happened:

Mommy and Miranda composed a special letter inviting the fairy to come to our house with a special request

Taking out the sucky

In the envelope with our special message

In the mailbox

Snuggling down to go to sleep

Did she come?

Mommy The Sucky Fairy Really did come

The Sucky Fairy changed my orange sucky into sea creature magnets and rainbow stones

Miranda's reply from the Sucky Fairy came complete with fairy dust and glitttery fairy finger prints where she carried it from her home


susarto said...

funny, i did a similar thing for my kid (many many moons ago...)
his was the binky fairy.
i don't remember her leaving a gift, but she took his binky to give to a littler kid who really needed it ;)

your fairy is much more generous! hehe

Faith said...

What a sweet idea! My kids never got in to the whole binky thing, so I didn't have to get creative ;) However, I have yet to devise a way to keep my almost four-year-old in his own bed for the entire night...

Mrs Knickertwist! said...

Brilliant! Any idea who to invite to my house to get my kiddo to go to sleep by himself? :)

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