Thursday, July 23, 2009

There are certain things that really get me going

You know how sometimes you are going about your business doing your thing and something happens that just stops you in your tracks and makes you think, or pay closer attention, or gives you that push to get started on a whole new project or crumples your facade.

Music can do this; well the right kind of music can do it. There has to be the right hook, the right tone of voice, the right turn of phrase. It has to be the kind of music that makes me want to sing along to, that makes me want to dance around my kitchen with the Peanut.

The Peanut can do this. The pure joy in her face as she dances around our kitchen can do this. Can make me think and consider and want to make sure that her joy is with her for as long as I can keep it there. Can bring tears to my eyes that stream down my cheeks as I am suddenly reminded of my Dad. The cadence of her giggles when I smother her in tickles and kisses can do this. Can fill me up with an indescribable amount of what I can only call love. Can make me want to keep those giggles coming until both our sides hurt and we are both out of breath.

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Hit 40 said...

Children are fabulous!! My boys both really keep me going.

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