Monday, July 6, 2009

Last Monday was the Peanut's Birthday

and we spent the day doing whatever she wanted to do from tea party time to building a bridge with blocks. She helped to bake her birthday cake and ate all of her dinner (scrambled eggs, toast and bacon with watermelon slices, as per the peanuts request) and still had room for cake. We frosted the cake with lime butter cream with cherry jam filling and decorated the top with three of the juiciest raspberries from our garden iced with chocolate frosting dots to look like ladybugs. It was a great day and a little sad too because now at 3 the peanut is no longer a toddler but a pre-schooler, next year I won't be able to call her a baby anymore. She had her birthday party this weekend, followed by a BBQ party at our friends place. All in all it was a busy weekend and I think I need a nap...

While I'm sharing, did you check out the amazing give-a-way from last week yet? I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I win the grand prize.

If you're interested in finding some great new blogs to read here are a few of my favourites:

Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom
is a new one for me, I've been following Mrs B on Twitter for a while but only recently stumbled across her blog and boy am I glad I did. She has links in her blog to some other wonderful blogs as well as recipes, art, pagan parenting, kitchen witchery and of course some wicked product reviews. In amongst all that fabulous stuff is the odd give-a-way, on of which is for the most amazing Tarot Decks ever. full of retro 1950's housewife images it's just too kitschy cool.

With my own recent addiction to caffeine in full swing, and my obsession with following creative blogs, I started following Caffeinated Frenzy way back when I started my own. Frenzy was one of the first creative blogs I encountered and I've been following her ever since. In addition to writing about her adoration of caffeine, Frenzy also blogs about her knitting and other random things that she just can't help but share. She's a good read and I have to say that I have been known to covet some of her sweaters and hats.


Hit 40 said...

Thank you for the lead on the soccer mom :-)

Cute site!

Hit 40 said...


She is a doll :-)

cabin + cub said...

Awww.. such a cute picture! Looks like she had one awesome birthday! I think I am going to make my husband make me that meal for mine.. I love breakfast for dinner! ;)

anymommy said...

What a great idea - letting her pick all the food. My kids would love that. She looks so cute in that little apron!

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