Monday, July 27, 2009

Friday night my husband left me

to go to the guitarist in his band's weekend long bachelor party. I was worried that a whole weekend with no one to give me a break from the little ball of energy that is the Peanut that I might be a frazzled mess by Sunday night; so I planned the weekend carefully so that I might wear the Peanut out enough that she'd melt into bed at night with minimal fuss.

We are planning a dress-up tea party play date on Tuesday and we did a little getting ready for that. We had frozen Pizza for dinner and went to the outdoor pool that is within 10 minutes walk from our place and stayed up late Saturday night for a kid friendly movie on PPV. Around the middle of our movie we had a big storm descend which led us to some serious storm watching. We had a few good hours of flickering lightening, bright sudden flashes and sharp cracks body jarring booms and rumbles. There were at least four strikes that were close enough that the thunder followed in less than a second. It tapered off around ten, the peanut at about nine.

Sunday morning brought us a new little friend when I brought in a tattered edged pink rose from the garden. We had fun watching the inchworm loop across the leaf he was on and then set him free on the backyard and got ready for a nother swim at the pool.

While I'm sharing, here are two more blogs that I'm really digging lately:

Lately I've been leaning a little towards the work and writing of some of my fellow Canadians. Akane Designs is one of these. An eclectic mix of personal snippets, favourites and art features, Akane also includes shop giveaways and marketing tips for online sellers and product reviews. A true believer in the "share the wealth" philosophy and it shows. Her Blog is beautifully designed and illustrated with bright images and I look forward to seeing what she'll be posting next.

Bees & Trees is simply a beautiful blog full of artist features and the authors own works. I love that in addition to posting their work they also talk about their process, the ideas behind it and the style they are working in. since these are all things that I love to read about and the work that they post and feature is so stunning, I couldn't be happier about stumbling upon their blog. They are well worth a look.

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Susan Tuttle said...

what a wonderful mommy you are to your peanut -- such fabulous adventures together:)

mrsb said...

Sounds like you guys had a fun time!

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