Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Toddler Tuesday

Just what the title suggests, plus it's got that handy alliteration thing going for it.

So my daughter is a walking snot factory complete with "I'm not feeling very well" melt downs and random whines of "mommy mommy mommy". The only time she's not crying and telling me that she's crying or that she's not a happy girl anymore is when I've filled her dimpled hands with crayons and paint brushes and slapped a nice piece of paper down in front of her.

So as I'm watching yet another rivulet of mucus exit her now tender little nose (mommy I don't want to blow my nose, I don't like tissues) while she swirls a paintbrush around the lime green tempera block, I realize that I should make sure to hang this latest creation on the refrigerator and then it occurs to me that I should also share it with however many people stop in and read what I've been up to.

Right now Miranda is using the jumbo pencils and asking me if the drawing she is making is brilliant, true story.

Here's another drawing she made earlier today.

1 comment:

ArtMind said...

I SO love children's art! This looks great on your fridge! :)

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