Monday, February 2, 2009


A few months ago we received the yearly notice of rent increase from the building manager and we decided that what with one thing (really expensive rent) and another (noisy neighborhood) we'd look for a new place.

On the one hand I love our neighborhood, we are within walking distance from groceries (not so much a full grocery store) now because of the roof collapsing at our preferred grocery store, but we still have a fish monger around the corner and a produce mart as well. There's a London Drugs within a block, book store, post office, community centres, play grounds, parks and a brand spanking new library all within a 20 block radius. Our apartment has a nice layout with loads of light and enough room that I can have a small area just for my studio (it's small, about the size of a table but it's mine) My daughter has her own room, and there's a window in the dining room. I like this place. Our Daughter came home to this building, she took her first steps, stood up, said her first word (tickle tickle) and had her first potty accident on the floor here. I'll be sad to pack up and leave.

On the other hand my husband has a nasty commute to and from work most days, the rent is high and the people below us have complained about our daughter's waking up at 6AM. We found a new place closer to my husbands work, and is not only in a house but is the top floor of a house. We'll share the house with the current down stairs tenant and with the exception of a dishwasher it has everything we like about this apartment. Hard wood floors, lots of light, the same amount of space. The only thing missing will be the friends that I've made since Miranda came along and shops and community centres within walking distance.

But, there's a yard....


sooziebee said...

Ah, moving house, sad-happy experience!! I hope you will enjoy making lots of new memories in your new place and thanks for mentioning my new house card!! Every mention is very much appreciated!!

Faith said...

Don't worry- I don't think we have a fish monger any where near us! Hope you settle in soon!

ArtMind said...

Good luck with moving! I'm glad you found a new place to live - a garden is such a nice thing to have. Hope you'll have many happy moments where you are going to live now!

TMCPhoto said...

now it's packing packing packing and dealing with the packing up our whole lives induced tantrums

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