Monday, February 28, 2011


First thing: to your right is the visual that should have been added on the last post. I may just go back and add it still.

The Mastitis is getting a good ass kicking and is nearly mostly gone except for a tiny bit of tenderness that we're working on. I spent a couple of days resting as much as possible to get over the worst of it. Now I'm just finishing off my meds and keeping on top of emptying out those milk ducts.

This weekend was very busy for us. The husband's band played his first gig in over a year on Friday night and I was able to slip away from the Bean; leaving her in the care of my nephew for a little while and watch the husband's first set and the other band that played with them. The husband plays mostly covers and their set included songs by Oasis, The Cars, Billy Idol and Lenny Kravitz. At one point the Guitarist's wife Deb got up and belted out Pat Benatar's Heart Breaker too. Leaving the Bean was surprisingly easy considering that the Peanut's first time away from us was around the 4 month mark and that was with us still inside the same building. The other band who was playing is an originals band Ivan Vanagan. They did a short acoustic set that started with this song:

Not Afraid by Ivan Vanagan

It was a great night out for me. One I've been in need of. It was great seeing friends and hanging out with my sister and brother in law.

Saturday we went to help my sister move into her new home which was when the snow was falling and then it kept falling. When I say we helped I mean I emptied a few boxes in between feeding the Bean. I'm not quite all healed up from the C-section so I'm not doing any heavy lifting if I don't need to be. The Husband however was more than making up for my inability to lift and there were dressers, boxes, couches and other heavy items he had a hand in lifting. By the end of the night the roads were pretty bad and we decided to leave the Peanut for an over night sleep over and took the Bean home with us.

In case you're wondering there is still snow on the ground here and we are expecting some more. The Peanut is delighted. I'm hoping to be able to get her out to play today if errands will permit it. If not there's always next time; as I mentioned we're expecting more this week.

In reading news I started and finished Neil Gaiman's The Graveyard Book. I heartily recommend it. On deck is an art history book on Pop Art. I'll see how much interest it holds. Unfortunately right now I'm finding that a good story is more captivating than critical analysis, but I'll give it my best shot. I'm also working through Trainspotting by Irvine Welsh which I'm enjoying but also finding easy to put down. I've seen the movie and always wanted to read the book so when I saw it on the shelf in the library I grabbed it.

Today I'm headed out to the Photo lab to get them to reprint a photograph. Fortunately we have cleared off sidewalks and roads at the moment so the trek with both the Peanut and the Bean will be a nice and easy one. So what's on your plate today? How was your weekend? Share please I'd really like to know.

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jennohara said...

I'm glad to hear you got a night out! :) Good luck with even more snow! Fun for the Peanut :)
We've been enjoying some milder temps around here today, and I hear all week!

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