Sunday, February 20, 2011

Like a...

I'm starting this post with the understanding that as soon as I start to get a good train of thought; the Bean is going to open her bright little eyes and start to make nursing pleas.

Already I can here her grunting and groaning in her bed as she works on passing her morning gas. Yup; that's right my 3 week and a few days old baby passes morning gas.

She also belches and farts like a trucker. We had compared her talents with those of a frat boy just last week but since she doesn't try to light her farts on fire or laugh uproariously after each explosive pfththththththtttttt and instead passes the gas like it's as normal as walking down the street, we figured the trucker reference was an apt one. Also it allows for superb hyperbole and gets a surprisingly gratuitous reactions for us so we're going to keep with that one.

Rather than continue on in this vein and go on to talk about her amazing skill of waiting until I have her diaper off so that she can shower me with baby poop, I'll change the subject and talk about something not body function related.... actually I've got nothing else at the moment...


jennohara said...

HAHA! You made me youngest was always a good gas-passer. :) Can't beleive it's already been 3 weeks! Her little outfit is adorable.

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

I'm sure you are oh so glad, that she's easily passing that gas!!!!!

And I've heard/seen boys spraying "tinkle," in mid diaper change. But actually never heard of she who can wait and push poops out, in mid diaper change! Amazing girl you have there! LOL!

'Mrs. Bradley' ,-)

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