Sunday, March 22, 2009

My weekend

was a little more stressful than I'd like. Not that I didn't enjoy it. Anxiety crept in early Friday with the realization that I am going to need a new camera body soon. My beloved Canon 10D is starting to wear down. I get random error99 messages and the shutter release is slowing down so I get over exposed images or images that just aren't registering at all. Luckily the photography supplier I deal with, Beau Photo has a great used section, they have a Canon 20D body that I'm going to go look at today. Fingers crossed that the older lenses I'm taking in can be used towards the body.

Our car is sitting in it's parking spot and hasn't moved since Wednesday when it refused to move any further after a nice loud clunking sound. Fortunately there is a garage 4 blocks up from us and the problem is a simple one.

Since the fire in our building last month we've been gushing money in all directions. From replacing groceries, dry-cleaning and laundry service and the mountain of laundry detergent that we used ourselves it's been a little tight here. The camera and the car are just adding to that drain.

So with these things in mind I decided that we could forgo tickets to the Seattle Depeche Mode show this summer. This is a little disappointing for me, I love Depeche Mode and their live shows are always phenomenal. They haven't added a show in Vancouver this time around which means that if I want to see them I have to travel. TicketMaster's legalized scalping website makes going to see them insanely expensive and nearly impossible so I'm sucking it up and waiting for the box set for the new album to come out and possible the DVD of the concert from somewhere far far away from here say Berlin or somewhere in South America.

the first shots from my new camera body


agoodwitchtoo said...

I'm happy to see that life is returning to somewhat normal since the fire. Hopefully the string of bad luck will end soon! In fact, I declare it so... (oh, but I wish I had that power).

Glad to hear that both your shops are back up and you secured your new camera body :)

Frenzy23 said...

Sorry to hear about all that's been happening. It seems once one thing all just goes at once. Sometimes all you can do is take a deep breath and know that things will work out soon.

TMCPhoto said...

thanks for your kind thoughts. Even though things seem to be going to the dogs I do realize everything could have been so much worse in all cases. I have; as my Mom so elegantly put it a golden horseshoe jammed up my....

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