Wednesday, September 19, 2012

If Given a Chance

would you take the opportunity to make  a positive change in someones life? What about if the process was easy to do?

I know from experience that thinking about becoming a bone marrow or stem cell donor isn't at the top of life changing activities. Unless you or someone you know and love is in need, or you see or read about someone who is in need the option isn't one of those things that jumps to mind when you hear about someone who has changed another person's life for the better.  Becoming a donor remains one of those things we think is a good idea but rarely something to act on. The idea usually dissipates as soon as the next topic of conversation rises.

image courtesy of my niece
Last March I posted about my nephew who really needed a transplant to treat his rare disease. Today would have been Linden's first birthday. While Linden was fortunate enough to be matched with not one but two donors as well as receiving stem cells from his Mama, there are families still waiting for a match out there. Families who just want their baby, their child, sister, brother, mother, father to have a chance at more time with those they love.

Linden's life ended on his own terms and had nothing to do with his rare disease or the treatment he received for it. If it had not been for the two people who signed up and were matches with him as donors, his family would have had very little to hope for. The two matches that ere found for Linden were cause for much rejoicing. In honour of Linden, on the day that he would have been smearing cake and frosting all over his face and opening presents to celebrate one very full year of life; please consider becoming a donor. Please pass on information about becoming a donor to your friends and family. If you could help save the life of some body's loved one it would be worth it! What a wonderful gift to Linden's memory? Please help spread the word and please if you do sign up and are a match let us know so that we can celebrate with you and the person you are matched up with.

If you live outside of Canada you can become a donor in your own country. Matches can be made from all over the world. To list a very few:

In Canada visit One Match
In the US go to Be The Match 
In the UK go to the British Bone Marrow Registry 

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