Thursday, August 30, 2012

Another Great Collaboration

 Not too long ago, the Husband and I put our skill sets together and created some beautiful microscope slide decorations. I carved stamps and used them to make impressions of my prints into glass paint and the Husband soldered the glass adding jump rings and a shiny silver frame around my images.

We sell them together in my etsy shop and we've had a little success with them. Given more time for marketing and possibly a chance to sell them in person, where their charm is way more evident than online I foresee more success for them.

The great thing about collaborating is that we get to spend a little time together both doing something that we both love and are pretty good at.

Of course this means that we've been collaborating a little bit here and there over the last year or so on projects that aren't PeanutButterPie-centric but more BoneShaker centric. You see the Husband has been dabbling in building stomp boxes for guitar and bass for about as long as he's been playing bass. The goal is to create a boutique stomp box operation that features hand painted stomp boxes in limited editions. To the left you can see one of our prototypes.

The box is empty right now but soon it will hold the components to make it into a reverb pedal. There will be switches and an LED light added to the box and it will be lovingly passed on to it's new owner. The nice thing about my process is that even the same carved printing block will yield a unique image each time it's pressed onto a surface. A short run of reverb pedals featuring this image will all be one of a kind. In addition to the boxes I plan on creating hand pressed limited edition prints of each image that will be for sale either in PeanutButterPie or in the Husband's soon to be up and Running Etsy shop. Once the editions and the boxes are sold they will be done and we'll start new editions with new art.

I'm very excited about this new collaboration. The Husband is a consummate perfectionist, his work is high quality and if it's not up to customer satisfaction he'll work to fix it or create a happy resolution for everyone. For my part I get to flex my creativity muscle on something that I am excited about and proud of. Not too shabby if you ask me.

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