Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Running Round In Circles and Then Into a Brick Wall

is what my mind has been doing.

So I'm trying to take deep breaths and grounding myself so I can put the brakes on my high speed wobble. And I have been on high speed wobble for the last week; thinking straight has been nearly impossible except for when I'm going about day to day routine things. So why the wobble? The husband decided last week to apply to school, it's a good move or him, he's taking a path that he's passionate about and he's been so unhappy at his current job that a change is pretty much an absolute necessity. Then came an epically bad day following his application and he decided, to give his notice.

If only for his own mental health this step was also a necessity and if his demeanor since he gave notice says anything it's that he couldn't have made a better decision for himself. I support him 100% however I'm also a pragmatist I know that we have bills coming due and that rent has to be paid and that we need to put food in our bellies and into the bellies of the Peanut and the Bean. I'm not saying that he's not thinking about those things too but I'm not feeling the euphoria of getting out of a bad situation that he is; so I'm on wobble.

The trick is to get out of the tangle that is the repeating "We need to get some income we need to get some income we need to get some income we need to get some income we need to get some income we need to get some income" and get to the problem solving action part of the equation.

I need to make it very clear that I support his decision. I can't say that I'd want things to be done in the exact same way if they were to be done all over again but I understand why and I know at the time it was the only option that would allow him to remain sane and because of that he has my support.

In the meantime I'm going to be getting back out into the workforce, perhaps a little sooner than I thought. And I've been looking at some opportunities that have crossed my path over the last week or so. I've got my fingers crossed, hoping for more to come my way as well as for the husband once he starts on the next phase of his path.

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