Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Gonna cough a little, sneeze a little

even blow my nose.... OK OK OK I'll be truthful it's not a little it's a lot. I'm up most of the night either coughing myself or dealing with a coughing Bean. So I'm tired and my nose is tender from all the blowing and I think I pulled something when I had that last coughing fit.

I'm hoping that I'm not deluding myself into thinking that I'm getting better, I don't feel quite so bad as two days ago perhaps this flu hit when my white count was nice and up instead of at a lull. Some day's I wonder if I'd be better off banking a little blood when it's up and transfusing it when I get sick. Really I don't even know if that's something that can be done or not but wouldn't that be great? Instead of a month long cough fest I could get over a bug in the 7 to 10 days other folk do it. Any positive healing thoughts and prayers out there will be so much appreciated I can't even tell you.

On another tangent all together. I'd like to include a short list of what I'm thankful for, things that made me smile or laugh over the last few days:

The Bean's big wet sloppy baby kisses
The Peanut and the Bean giggling together on the way home from a shopping trip
Having a newly reorganized and cleaned Living room
All the crow's perching on the wires outside our window this afternoon

Anything make you smile today?

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