Thursday, September 1, 2011

First Day Jitters

I've decided to have them early so that we minimize the stress next Friday when the Peanut starts her first day of kindergarten. In fact in one week we go in for our first parent teacher conference where we'll find out which teacher we get and what her days are going to be like for the first few weeks before we dive right in to full days.

The Bean is going to be one lonely baby once that starts up, she adores the Peanut, beams rays of pure joy when she plays with her. We're looking around for some play groups we can join to pick up the slack.

We've got all our school supplies and new clothes and shoes compliments of Grandma's on either side and after a whirlwind trip made by my parents for my nieces baby shower last weekend the Peanut is also sporting a trimmed head of hair too.

I'll be posting pictures of her first day next week. Here's hoping that I keep the proud Mama tears to a minimum and that they happen after we've sent her off into class.

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