Saturday, April 9, 2011

Itching- in more ways than one

if it wasn't that my last insect kerfuffle in this house happened two years ago; I'd start to worry that I'm some sort of bug magnet.

So what's the latest you ask?

Wolf Spider bites, while we sleep.

Thankfully not on the girls, unfortunately in the worst possible places on us, (ie. on the back of my ankle and on the husband's butt). On the positive side I think we found the little jerk and disposed of him/her outside. Also a plus is that my white blood count must be up because the welts are starting to go away much faster than bites usually do for me (two to three weeks is about an average time for me to get rid of a mosquito bite). So I've got some itchy bites but they are going away.

On a less literal note I'm also itching to write. Oh, to have the time to post regularily again. Don't get me wrong I'm taking full joy in the Bean and my Peanut. Right now my girls are playing together in the living room. The Bean has just treated us to her first laugh and the Peanut is going out of her way to get another one. But I wish to write about the way the Bean's lashes remind me of hoar frost, how they seem to lie on her cheeks like lacy black snowflakes, you know the kind, the big ones that envelope you in sense of awe in the silence of a winter night. I wish to write about how the quiet moments I get to spend with my Peanut are becoming even more special to me since they come so few and far between. I wish to write about how the Peanut has begun to sing loudly and with gusto as she runs around the house when the Bean naps.

The thing about taking joy in this time with my girls is that I have very little time for writing. Case in point: it's taken me three days to write this post up to this point. My spider bites are currently red welts with very little itch right now.

I'm also feeling an itch to make. I've been trying to grab a moment here and there to make more stamps, I've been trying to make notes of any ideas I have. Once the cycle of feeding, burping, change the diaper, slip in some time with the Peanut, have a nap and start all over again ends I'll be ready to go


Aunt Amelia's Attic said...


Just keep enjoying all those moments, Dear One. There will be plenty of time for blogging, when they are grown more, in school, off to college, working, married with families of their own. There! You get the idea! :-)

Gentle hugs,

Rue said...

You are having such wonderful experiences with the girls - it's no wonder there is little time for blogging.

I've loved seeing the photos (here and on FB) - the Bean grows so fast!

Marisa Hopkins said...

Oh man, yes, little time for writing. I don't think I even had the energy to write again until Annelie was 6 months old. but I was busy enjoying my little ones, as I'm sure you are!

And EW to spider bites!! I hope the biting ends soon! Those things are awful :(

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