Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Rain rain rain

but at least it's warm and we can splash in puddles. We'll be headed out to do some splashing today, if I can find the rain pants that is. If not we'll be tiptoeing through the puddles so that our pants stay dry; not nearly as much fun.

I'm not feeling 100% right now; I have a bit of a tummy bug that's keeping me right off the food, mix that up with a good dose of heartburn whenever I do manage to eat something and it's a right treat. On the positive side; these things are temporary and I have the whole "I'm glad that's over with!" to look forward to.

We kept the weekend pretty low key with lots of fort building, and movie watching mixed with just enough errand running and chore finishing to make it feel like we weren't just lumps. on the don side the Peanut has had some pretty juicy morning wakings, I'll be changing her bed again today and we'll be on extra vigilant potty duty at bedtime tonight.

But enough about me, how was your weekend?

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