Saturday, June 19, 2010

In one week

We'll be celebrating the Peanut's 4th birthday and then again on the following Tuesday her actual birthday.

She's asked for a dinosaur birthday and we've done our best. We'll be bleach painting dino shapes onto colourful canvas bags. Making dino pinwheels using pencils and thumbtacks. and drawing dinos on the wooden fence with sidewalk chalk. I'm in the middle of collecting our plastic eggs from Eostara to use as dino eggs in the sandbox and of course all of the Peanut's extensive dinosaur collection will be out and available for play.

We keep food as simple as possible; fresh fruit and veg, crackers and cheese, juice boxes and water, bread and dip and coffee for the adults. Cake will be cupcakes in both chocolate and white with dinosaur candies on top for that added sugar rush just before they head home.

Last year we spent less than $5 per child. This year we've splurged a little with the canvas bags, crafts and stickers. I think the total per child is around $7 or $8 give or take. We're very excited about the party around here, it's all we can talk about. I'll post pictures after it's all over and done with.

In the meantime we're in pre-party pre-travel mode around here which means that my posts over the next few weeks are going to be few and far between. I have thought ahead this time around and there are some scheduled posts set and ready to go while we're away. Not to give too much away but those post are must reads if I do say so myself, keep an eye out for them...


Rue said...

The dinosaur party sounds fun! I love that you find things to do for a reasonable cost!

My 13 year old neice went to a b-day party two weeks ago, and the girls parents took 8 girls to a spa for pedicures and then out for dinner. Ummm.... Can you say "mortgage payment?"

TMCPhoto said...

If we were to do something like that it would be for one or two friends only, We like to make things as simple as we can so that we can enjoy our guests. We're fortunate enough that we have a group of friends who feel the same way we do. If we were spending time trying to keep up with the other families it wouldn't be fun anymore

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