Tuesday, February 2, 2010

So with all the cook books yesterday

I completely left out how the weekend went.
Saturday we went to watch the husband's band practice, they'll be playing a fund raising gig at the end of this month and other than watching them play at the guitarist's wedding last August I haven't seen them play together as a group yet. Can I just say that they sound awesome? I can? OK, they sound awesome. The Peanut spent a good portion of the night dancing around with her hot pink ear protectors and new white sneakers, helped out on a few songs by playing the tambourine and generally made everyone in the room laugh.

Sunday was the day that I lost all happy warm feelings towards the neighborhood Shoppers Drug Mart. Last fall, when I was so sick we were in there almost every other day trying to get something to help with the sinus cough thing I had going on, they were fabulous when the Peanut announced that she really had to go potty and let us use their staff washroom, which I was grateful for and because I was so grateful I felt way more loyal to them than say the folks at the Safeway or the Dollar Store. So when the Peanut announced she really really had to go potty while we were picking up some necessities I quickly took her to the nearest employee and asked if we could use their bathroom. I was turned down and told that I'd have to take the Peanut over to the Starbucks.

Her little bladder nearly made it but I was peed on in the Starbucks bathroom and had to jury rig my cardigan as temporary pant legs and skirt on the Peanut. My faith in their customer service is shattered, and I'm pretty sure that if looks could kill I might have been charged with something serious. I can understand not wanting to let everyone into the backroom to use the bathroom but a three year old should be given an exception. Or maybe I'm over reacting?


Francis said...

I am sorry to hear that. Please accept my apology on behalf of fellow Shoppers' employee. Come to my store anytime and use the washroom.

Rue said...

It's a shame. Really, anyone should let a child use the restroom - even if they have to accompany you to the back room. I understand insurance and those issues, but there have to be exceptions.

Bridgett said...

I agree...children should be given a pass. Their little bladders just can't hold urine like an adults.

But the band performance sounded fun, at least! :)

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