Tuesday, February 23, 2010

last year

It's hard to believe that a year ago today this happened.

Looking back at the large and small gestures offered by friends and our community I am still in awe of the support we were given. Aside from the huge blessing of our close friends opening their home to us and having the Husband's Mom arrive to help with the move and cleaning; it was the small things that were done for us that I will always remember. The little things that brought tears of gratitude.

A year later, we still talk about fire trucks and alarms (although not so frequently). We have added fire extinguishers and smoke detectors to our home. We have an escape plan in case we need it again and in light of what has happened in Haiti we are getting an emergency kit together in case of something larger and more catastrophic happening.

All in all I'm thankful, thankful for so very much and I only wish I was in a position to do more.


Lynelle said...

Kudos on being prepared, and here's to never having to use it.

And I love the new banner, btw.

Jen said...

Thank goodness for your instincts to jump up and get out. I hear you on the big time emergency preparedness thing. We have been talking about that for years now and still have only managed to gather flashlights and a radio.

Magpie said...

Wow, thank God everyone got out safely! That must be a memory that sticks with you forever though! We should all be prepared for the unthinkable!

Rue said...

What a trial - so glad you all got through it alright. It's a scary thing, for sure.

Funny how time passes, and we think "did I really live through that?"

Bridgett said...

Isn't it funny how time sort of changes our perspectives of everything?

So glad you were all okay!

Ange said...

Oh my goodness, 4 Year's ago on Feb 24th French time OUR house burnt down ... completely. We were away on holidays at the other end of the planet so I didn't hear the fire trucks. But freaky that it was more or less the same time... Pleased to say we all walked away with a clean bill of health ...And the gratitude for the help. We came back from the Aussie summer to a freezing winter and thanks to all the friends who gave us comfort, warmth and clothes...

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