Sunday, November 22, 2009

MIA why I haven't been posting

When I get sick it's a long drawn out affair which lasts way longer than most people's battles with the cold and flu. My body likes to attack the Neutrophils (a type of white blood cell) in my system so my abilities to fight off illness is a little compromised depending on whether the roller coaster ride that is my my white blood count is on a rise or heading downhill. The good thing, according the the hematologist we went to last fall, is that my body does reproduce the cells, but I get my blood tested every four months to keep track of the ups and downs.

So I'm heading into week three of a coughing, hacking, nose blowing, sinus head aches and sore throat bonanza. I'm on antibiotics this week though, after two separate visits to the clinic last week. These visits really illustrate how the whole H1N1 scare is affecting people. The first involved the Dr standing as far away from me as possible, asking a few questions, treating me like I was wasting his time and putting him in danger of catching something with the advice to come back if it didn't get better in a week. The second visit with another Dr involved a look at my throat, in my ears and a thorough listen to my lungs with a prescription for strep throat and advice to come in again if I experienced pain when breathing and or blood when coughing.

And I haven't really felt up to posting, the laptop has actually been closed most of the week while I've travelled to and from the pharmacy to pick up more tissues, cough drops and some vitamin C for the Peanut who had a fever for three days last week and is now stuffed up. I've been reading my favourite blogs and commenting here and there but posting myself has seemed like too much work. I'm hoping that this week I'll be feeling more up to it, as well as getting the house decked out for winter celebrations.

How are you faring with all the bugs and ickies floating around?


MarZel said...

I am so sorry!!! Sending healing energies your way!!

Thanksgiving Blessings

Jen said...

We are holding out here ok. fingers crossed. we leave for my parent's house in Quebec in three weeks and it is my mission to keep us healthy for the travel and vacation component but of course you never know. Hope you are over the worst of it and start to feel like yourself again soon.

Magpie said...

Tami, you poor thing! Hope you are on the mend soon, you must be miserable.

We have been okay so far, but have not received flu shots ~ there is either a short or non-existent supply. so I'm relying on crossed fingers and hand-washing!

Hope you feel better soon!

littledeadmommy said...

First off, I would like to thank you for the ever so thoughtful coment you left on my blog. I really appreciate it. I agree with you, I think that the not knowing part is making it much worse. As much as it hurts, I can accept that he is gone but I wish I knew why. Having questions unanswered is a difficult thing even when it relates to something else. I'm holding onto everything that I have and I know it will just take time...lots of time. I'm sorry for your loss too. I don't think greiving for a loved one ever really ends.

Now to your post...
I hope that you feel better soon. Sounds like a pain, what you have to go through.
We actually had to deal with the H1N1 scare back in the end of July. My boyfriend went to the doctor and they acted as though they didn't want to go near him and said he had bronchitis. A few days later we had to take our son to the pediatrician only to find out that we all had the dreaded swine flu. Luckily they weren't afraid to touch us and even held my son close to comfort him. Since then we haven't had any health issues which I am graeful for.
Sorry for such a long comment but I'll end it by tellin gyou to take care of yourself and get better soon.

Anonymous said...
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