Tuesday, May 19, 2009

PCGS: bloop bloop went the little cement fish

This is my favourite piece on our street and my daughters as well. I like it because it's so unobtrusive and simple. He sits placidly at the entrance of the short driveway and watches the world swim by.

On a walk to the library last week I hit another mother load of PCGS one of my new finds surpasses all those I've seen so far. The statuary in this house is, well if you compared a paint by numbers painting with a van Gogh; that would be an accurate comparison. I'll be photographing the street behind ours once we return from our upcoming road trip vacation.

In the meantime I've been included in a stunning butterfly treasury please go and have a gander, you won't be disappointed.


Frenzy23 said...

That's such a cute little fish. :)
Nice treasury! I love butterflies, I even have a tattoo of one.

Amanda said...

The butterfly treasury is so fun. I love the colors. Congrats on making it in!

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