Monday, May 4, 2009

A banner Week and a rocking weekend

Last week was pretty exciting, I mentioned last week that I won a blog give-away from Stacey Winters . It turns out that I've also won second give-away on another blog; Mod3rnart picked my comment from her blog a few weeks ago and I won an amazing print of shealeigh's painting Zoli, pictured to the left.

On Sunday, I finally had a date night with my husband. We are fortunate enough to have friends in high places and as a result we were able to get on the guest list for Ladytron at the Commodore in Vancouver. Other than a crick in my neck and aching feet from standing/ dancing for four+ hours. The set was excellent for both Ladytron and the support act The Faint. The music was rocking and very danceable and if I wasn't already a fan of both bands I'd have been hooked.

You can see the video for one of my favourite songs by Ladytron here, and one from The Faint here

In other news I've been featured in After the Bump's blog. She's started a weekly feature titled If I Had Money Monday. I'll be returing the favour for Amanda of After the Bump this Friday.

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