Sunday, October 6, 2013

I Want Only to Haunt You

And the countdown to Halloween is on and the race to get costumes ready is on as well.

The Peanut had decided at the beginning of the summer that she wanted to be a knight dragon. I spent a number of hours considering how I'd pull that one off. And then this morning she declared her new choice; a Phoenix. The scrambling for that get up is on. At the very least I have a few ideas for this one. Once I've pulled it together I'll try to post it. If it looks a 10th of how I'm picturing it she'll look fabulous.

The Bean declared she would be yellow and then green when I asked her. While I could pull those two choices off with minimal effort I just can't take the easy road so I'm taking advantage of her lack of desire to demand an exact costume and she'll be going as the sneezy panda Chu. I found a hat and shirt to fit the bill and I'm just on the hook for goggles and panda ears to have her done. With the Bean I don't have to worry about getting a great look. Her sparkling eyes, infectious smile and corkscrew curls will make up for any shortcomings I have in getting her costume completed.

This past month has been a whirlwind with me getting started teaching, getting the Peanut settled into school, getting the Bean settled in without her sister around every day and then reworking everything  with the Peanut. Last spring she was accepted into the Challenge Program in her school district; which means that she goes to a special class once a week at a different school.  On top of that we have both girls enrolled in classes in the center I'm teaching at. With all the comings and goings I'm barely able to keep up with the laundry and dishes.

I now have full and near full capacity classes in two of my programs and I have some very talented and engaged students. I'm learning what types of lessons work best, how to deal with different personalities and challenges and on top of it I'm trying to do a dry run of each class each week so that I can make any changes to fit within the time I've got for each class. My weeks are flying by.

With all of that I found this lovely sound today and thought it would be a nice soundtrack to get into the Halloween spirit. Are you getting costumes ready?

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Rue said...

I can't wait to see what you come up with for the girls. The phoenix will be fabulous, I'm sure - and original! What a great choice!

Congrats on the teaching job - it sounds wonderful and engaging.

And happy Thanksgiving!

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