Friday, May 11, 2012

Catch Up

Wow this blogging regularly is just not happening lately. I blame the lack of a lap top. Blogging at the desk top means I have to set aside time to sit down.

So anyway, a while back I posted about my nephew and how he needed a bone marrow transplant. Then I posted about how they found a donor, two donors in fact and the last 11 days have been super busy for my sister, my niece and the little guy. He's been in the hospital going through chemo in preparation of the stem cell transplant that he went through yesterday.

My sister says it best so I'm just going to quote her facebook status from last night directly after Linden finished the procedure:

OK.....transplant is complete, now let the new cells fix our little man!!!! Prayers and positive thoughts are what are needed daily as his white blood cell count start to increase, infections don't occur and his body accepts the marrow!!!!!

I've been asking on facebook for prayers and support and I'm asking here. If you could spare a moment in your day to send Linden some positive energy to keep away infection, get his blood count up and for his body to accept the cells that have been introduced to save his life; I would really appreciate it.

I'll be headed out for a week next Wednesday to attend my Grandma's memorial service. I'm not sure If I'll be able to post before then but I will be back here once I return.

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Nichola said...

Linden's got some positive thoughts coming his way from my family :) Good luck kiddo!

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