Tuesday, October 11, 2011

And that's why I've been gone

So one day a few weeks back I went to sit at the computer to do something, it may have been to read a blog, check on facebook, read an article, look up a recipe or even to post here. I'm not even sure any more what it was I was sitting down to do, all I know is that I sat down, clicked on the space bar to wake it up, found it was fully charged but not on and tried to turn it with no response. None. My Macbook was done, finished, kaput. Logic board fried and ready to serve with some mushy peas and chips.

I'm still without access to my own computer as we try to locate finances for a replacement, at this moment I'm using the husband's which is not as me-friendly as I'd like what with the keys not quite where I think they should be and all the extra PC buttons and functions. So I've been laying low on the blog front with the hopes that we'd have a replacement sooner rather than later. So far it's been the latter with hopes still aimed at the former. (we like to think glass half full)

So while I've got a few seconds here's a little round up of what's been going on here:

The Peanut has had her first school pictures
The Bean started swimming lessons (which means Mama holds her in the pool while we sing songs and she tries to drink the pool water)
The Husband took the plunge and went in to get hisself all snipped up (for which I thank him for taking care of it and for putting up with the resulting uncomfortableness and pain involved in healing|)
I've been getting into a bit of a groove with school, swimming lessons, laundry, taking care of the family thing which finds me less on the computer than in the past which kind of ties into the death of the macbook thing.
We've had our first bout of colds and a second bout of Mastitis

We've had no major happenings, no earth shattering news and we're pretty much OK with that.I'll post again when I get another chance. Fingers crossed on that whole new computer thing

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Knickertwist said...

Yay for the good husbandly deed. Huzzah for the swimming and all that good stuff. Boo on the colds and mastitis :(

P.S. I LOVE mushy peas and chips and just the words make me want to visit England again for a little trip to the chippy.

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