Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Road Trip Day Two, or how to continue a weekly feature on poured cement garden statuary on the road

On day two of our road trip we stopped at the Enchanted Forest. If you aren't familiar with this roadside attraction I think you ought to stop in the next time you're traveling the Trans Canada through the Shushwaps, not only is full of charming trails decorated with 1950's kitschy goodness plus there's no better way to run off excess energy for another long stint in the car than to run run run and climb and run, and crawl through little houses ad run and climb up a tree houses than to run it off in an Enchanted Forest.

I last visited when I was in elementary school and recall almost all of the same houses and statues. There were a few newer attractions but for the most part it was a walk down memory lane for me.

It seems that poured cement follows me now or perhaps I'm just seeking it out all on my own. This post features some of the forests finer pieces of fairy tale statuary.


Hit 40 said...

My husband went here as a child!! So cool that it is still there!!

LillyShayStyle said...

It almost reminds me of a place called "Story Book Glen" in Scotland. It was filled with Story book statues and things to play on.
I went to it as a child.

Now in WY, (where I am now) We have "Story Book Island" which is similar.
I love places like this!

Shawn Michel de Montaigne said...

Very unusual and pretty. It kind of reminds me of some of the tourist-trappy places in the states, but with somewhat better kitsch.

TMCPhoto said...

I think what makes The Enchanted Forest is that other than one or two newer installations it's pretty much as I remember it when I was a kid and it's the same as my Mom remembers too. As the name suggests I was very much enchanted as a child and so was the husband and the peanut.

The other thing is that the gift shop is the size of a pumpkin seed and full of lovely little trinkets and one or two atrocious items that just scream "I'm a souvenir, I'm a souvenir!" the T-shirts are charmingly designed and don't look mass produced and I swear to all the Gods I saw a faery peeking over the top of the castle turrets as we were leaving.

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